With the advent of IP cameras and network-based surveillance systems the ability to make video surveillance a value added proposition is finally a reality. Gone are the days of being limited to clunky, proprietary DVR’s connected to low-resolution analog cameras with virtually no flexibility. Now, IP cameras allow you to view your video on your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. You can record employee computer screen activity and even integrate your smart phone’s camera directly into your video system for gathering mobile video recordings. There are camera and analytic software solutions for thermal imaging, counting people, detecting unattended bags or abnormal behavior, and creating a synopsis of video that allows you to watch 8 hours of video activity in just minutes!

Although security is still one of the top reasons for installing a surveillance system, as you might have guessed from the innovative options listed above, for many of our clients it’s moving down the list. Systems are now being used for safety and liability concerns, business process management, customer traffic analysis for marketing purposes, and the incredible remote access capabilities keep inspectors from flying across the country and project managers from rolling their trucks to a site. The industry is quickly changing as inventive hardware and software solutions are created, giving you access to new capabilities almost every day.

By choosing to sell the best products on the market and becoming expert in their operation Southwest Access and Video can provide you with the most sophisticated, open architecture surveillance system on the market today. What do you want to do with your video? Give us a call!