Services Offered by Security Companies in Phoenix

There are a lot of options if you are looking for security companies in Phoenix. When you’re trying to figure out which company to use for your facility, the best choice is one that offers several different quality services. There are many different products and services that Phoenix security companies might offer; below are just a few.

Access Control

First, an access control system can keep people out of restricted areas. The first step to reducing intrusions is to limit the people allowed to gain access to certain areas, and access control systems such as card readers or secure locks are one good way to do that.

Alarm Systems

Another good security precaution offered by security companies in Phoenix is a commercial alarm system. This can alert you right away on the off chance that somebody does get in—alarm systems can provide an intruder alert and speed up the response. In addition, the knowledge that a facility has an alarm system can be a deterrent for potential burglars.


Surveillance also acts as a deterrent, as well as an alert mechanism and a way to record events. With modern technology, you can watch surveillance video from almost anywhere, which allows you to track events in real time and ensure the safety of your assets.

One of the best options is an integrated system that combines access control, alarms, and surveillance all into one cohesive tool. Southwest Access and Video can help take care of whatever you want to protect by offering a high level of security for your facility. Call 602.286.0001 today for information about the quality access control, alarms and surveillance systems available at Southwest Access and Video, a proven leader among security companies in Phoenix since 1973.