Different Types of Business Security Alarm Systems


Running a small business requires one to take many risks. However, security is the one thing on which you should not compromise. An alarm company can give you an assessment of your business’s environment and pinpoint vulnerable areas that need the most security. When it comes to security, a business should look for systems that detect intruders and sound an alarm when triggered to alert the authorities. You might think that spending too much on a business security system is overkill but there are different types.

Which security system is right for your business? It depends on what you want to protect. This means that you can keep your business safe without breaking the bank. Moreover, some alarm companies offer systems that protect from all angles, making it cost-effective to buy the whole package. Here are some different types of security systems for your business:

Video surveillance

This type of system protects the office that houses your business as well as the surrounding area. You should install a video surveillance system if you want to see what goes on at your business around the clock. Many systems will allow you to integrate with mobile devices so you can see what happens when you are not there. It also provides you with video proof should the insurance company ask for it when you file for damages.

Intrusion detection alarm

This system protects everything inside your store or building and protects against vandalism and burglary. You should not wait for disruption to happen to install an alarm. This system not only deters burglars from stealing but also prevents employee theft. Intrusion detection systems consist of entry detection devices – glass breaking sensors and motion detectors – being monitored by a third party.

Computer security system

A computer security system protects your documents and other sensitive information. Because hackers are always targeting small businesses, you need to protect your business from hackers, spyware, and viruses. With so much work being done on computers, a hack results in business interruptions, loss of customers, and thousands of dollars in losses.

Electronic access control systems

Some rooms should not be accessed by all employees. This system will only allow authorized employees into certain rooms, keeping sensitive information in the right hands.


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