Dealing With Business Security Issues in Your Company

Whether your company is a small local shop or a major international corporation, you have to always be vigilant of potential business security issues. According to a major 2012 study conducted by Pinkerton and Securitas, businesses consider information security and cyber security as some of the major threats they face. Although workplace violence and physical security do not rank as high as the ones mentioned, they should also be taken seriously. As a company, you have to ensure that the physical assets of the company are protected. Any vandalism to the assets of the company can be captured on tape through the security installations.

Physical security

This is among the most important business security issues to consider. The elements of physical security includes keeping the facilities of the company safe from theft, having controlled access to facilities and keeping standards that are in line with the state or federal regulations. You may choose to  have a security guard at the front door or badges for employees and intruder detection systems. However, in light of the sophisticated approaches that people who intend to cause harm to your business are using, you also need to have reliable systems in place to fortify security.

Southwest Access and Video Corporation

 Based in Phoenix, Arizona and serving residents all over the state, Southwest Access and Video  specializes in offering security surveillance and alarm systems. The clientele ranges from corporations, retail stores and restaurants to gas stations and even technology and manufacturing companies. The security solutions are integrated to cover all vulnerable points in your business infrastructure so you can have peace of mind.

The security solutions offered by Southwest Access and Video are not limited to business and corporations only. Even homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona area can consult the company for such services. Installation of advanced keypad access systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) will greatly enhance the security of your home or company. Having the knowledge that everything that happens at your premises is being recorded will keep intruders at bay. Those who will wrongly access the premises can be tracked down and charged in court.