The concept is quite simple: card readers placed at designated door locations will either grant or deny access to the area. Although the concept is simple, the hardware required to control the doors and too many of the software programs created to manage the systems are not simple. But with the right products and an experienced security integrator, access control can be a huge asset. In fact, once implemented, many organizations don’t know how they ever managed without it.

Modern access control systems provide security, convenience, improved personnel flow - maximizing the space in your work environment, and audit trails. Sophisticated access control can also be integrated with other important systems such as visitor management, human resources, surveillance, intrusion alarms and building control (HVAC etc.). The option to have badges printed with employee pictures and other information can help make access control systems an integral part of the way your business operates. They can really help establish a company culture of security awareness and business responsibility. Call us to design an access control system that’s right for you.